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No matter how amazing you are, if the girl you’re dating doesn’t really know you, then that girl can’t really love you. I was hoping to get a great blog article out of it or simply to learn how these bitches operate. This “woman” said she couldn’t show her face in her photos because she was a “business lawyer.” Funny, the dozens of other company lawyers seem okay with revealing their faces in their photos.

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Keep an eye out for the woman who feels or shares way too much too quick.

They’re usually intentionally or inadvertently forcing a connection. Are your inquiries being responded to with greater than a “yup,” “nope,” “lol,” “hahaha,” or “you? If not, then this woman is not that interested in you.

Just, you know, promise not to video-edit anybody’s head onto the online pornography; it’s a thing that apparently happens and is definitely not cool.

If you’ve been speaking to a girl for a week online and they have made no mention about perhaps meeting for a coffee sometime, then they’re either not an actual female individual or they’re really not a person you should be going out with.

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If the person you’re speaking to isn’t trying to find a date in the next week or that works for both of you, then move on to somebody else.

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