Consolidating income statements Gambarsex

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Consolidating income statements

By geographical areas, the following is worth mentioning: (dividends) heading for 2012 stood at €390 million, down 30.6% on the €562 million posted in 2011.Its main component, as in the previous year, is the dividends from BBVA’s investment in Telefónica, which have been suspended temporarily until November 2013.

However, because it also includes the increased allocations to the deposit guarantee funds in the different regions where BBVA operates, it fell 60.3% in the year.The size and scale of the Group have enabled it to undertake significant investments in global technology projects, particularly in the area of transformation and innovation.They have positioned the Bank at the forefront of technological innovation in the sector.The Group’s summarized consolidated income statements for 20 are given below.Because of the agreements for the sale of the pension business in Latin America (mentioned above), earnings from this activity are classified under discontinued operations in the income statements for 2012 and also for 2011, for comparison purposes.

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As a result, the balance of the in 2012 reached €651 million, a 28% increase on the €508 million recorded in 2011, and basically includes early retirements, other contributions to pension funds and provisions for contingent liabilities.