Cast iron dating dating services in springfield missouri

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Cast iron dating

Nestled in a spectacular wooded gorge stands a monument to British industry – the world’s first iron bridge.

In 2017 a major conservation project will begin to repair the Iron Bridge, which is suffering due to stresses in the ironwork dating from the original construction, ground movement over the centuries, and an earthquake at the end of the 19th century.With this breakthrough in production, the iron trade in Britain accelerated and local industry began to flourish.As industry around the gorge grew, so did the need for a strong and durable bridge to transport goods across the river.Its massive strength saw it survive the great flood of 1795, motivating builders and engineers like Thomas Telford to construct their own iron structures.Although Darby commissioned many paintings and engravings of the finished bridge, a lack of images or eyewitness accounts meant that, for over 200 years, little was known of exactly how Darby managed to erect this structure of almost 400 tons.

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In 1973, for example, a reinforced concrete strut was built across the bed of the river to brace the two abutments.

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