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I may post the original (and change the names) for now you get a simulation of a REAL event..the emails in this post is real, the story is real.* My name is Ludivina Yasay. About a year ago, I scammed an American named Matt T. I gained his trust, told him what he wanted to hear and he believed me. How it all began After graduating college, I could not find a job.Don’t get me wrong I doubt their overseas boyfriends are going 6 months or a year without trying to have sex either, but if these girls have finally found their “golden ticket” it is pretty amazing how they will cheat on it so quickly.

I am really amazed at how open Pinays are about the fact that they have boyfriends while they are in the middle of a hook up.

While I was trying to unsuccessfully get jobs each day, they were getting paid from some guys online.

Filipino Heart Scam Ring I found out my friend was involved in the same people I had seen in the Internet cafe. She told me that they would find guys from the United States on dating sites. love” After a short time, he started to trust me so we were starting to speak like friends. When I mention I am in trouble, he offered to send me money. Falling in Love & telling the truth Everytime I mention my troubles, he offered money.

They used a fake profile on Filipino cupid, flirt with these men, start a relationship, then get money. When I mention to him that my family does not have enough to eat he is concerned for me.. After a while we started getting closer and closer and he is giving me more and more money. I just gained his trust and he offered when I said I am in trouble.

This ring of Filipino heart scammers were mostly gay men. and i fill that your a guy that god given me and i know in my heart your the right one for me…. He told me about how he is getting a divorce with his wife. He told me how he is lonely lately and all about his life. He helped me move to another city, find a job and even explained how I can help him with a business he runs and pay me!

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They told me that they do it so much that they are actually able to buy home, cars and live very well in the Philippines. Very quickly I had a guy who was interested, Matt T. How I got the Money Message to Matt: hope you have a very nice day today… We started to really get close and even fall in love.

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  1. She tried to figure out the pieces of the puzzle that had fit together oh so well. Drugged and Raped 4 by: Anna Smirh - "You are a salesman, right, are you any good," Jim asked me.