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Includes tracks by David Thorne, Steve Alaimo, Pookie Hudson, Wayne Newton, Nick Noble and many many others! HIDEAWAY HEAVEN - Volume 6 Another 34 genuine teen and group sound tracks.

Includes 'One Of These Days', 'Boom Ditty Boom', 'Jealous Heart' and many others. HIDEAWAY HEAVEN - Volume 7 Another 34 genuine teen and group sound tracks.

All original recordings, limited edtiion CD with bonus tracks. BACK TO THE GIRL ZONE A collection of 32 great uptempo tracks by those wonderful girls of the sixties.

Features the Revlons, Shalimars, Bronzettes, Three Bells and many others. THE BIG SOUND The 'big sound' of 34 ultra rare teen and popcorn tunes - by the same company that provided 'Hideaway Heaven'! THE BIGGER SOUND - Vol 2 Second in the series of the 'big sound' of 34 ultra rare popcorn, teen, northern soul and doo wop masterpieces from the vaults of Rare Rockin' Records! MARCIE BLANE - Bobby's Girl This collection marks the first-ever CD anthology of Marcie Blane's entire Seville output, conplete with previously unreleased demos and German language recordings.

Features 'Patches', 'Laurie', 'I Saw Linda Yesterday' and many other favorites. SCOTTY Mc KAY - Forgotten Teen Legend With songs like, 'You're So Square', 'The Girl Next Door' and 'Half a Heartache' it is hard to imagine Scotty Mc Kay being the forgotten teen attention now! LESLEY MILLER - Bringin' Out My Tears 29 tracks from Lesley Miller with 15 of them previously unreleased - what a treat! LOOKIN' FOR BOYS Girl pop and girl group gems in stereo from 1962 to 1967! MY BOBBY SOX QUEEN Various artist compliation for the 'bobby sox queen'. (NOT JUST) A PRETTY FACE AND A POMPADOUR Southern teenbeat on Ace Records of Jackson, Mississippi from 1958 to 1963.

Includes 'School of Love', 'Blue Denims', 'Hang My Tears Out to Dry' and many others. Includes Ike Clanton, Jimmy Clanton, Bat Carroll, Scotty Mc Kay and others. OPEN UP THE GATES - The David Gates Story The Early Years This is the ultimate David Gates story of his early years.

Includes tracks by the Tru Tones, Del-Tones, Ivyliers, Corvairs & many others! DARLENE GILLESPIE & Other Teen Tunes 26 tracks by Disney child star Darlene of the Mouseketeers plus other Disney children such as Tommy Kirk, Tim Considine and Roberta Shore. JIMMY GRIFFIN - An Early Slice of Bread Jimmy Griffins teen years include many great tunes you will remember! Features tracks by Jummy Boyd, Johnny Parris, Frontiers and more! Features tracks by Tommy Sands, Vinnie Monte, Bobby Vinton and more! Features 'Ronnie Hawkins', 'Mr Dynamo', 'The Folk Ballads of Ronnie Hawkins' and 'Ronnie Hawkins Sings the Songs of Hank Williams'. HIDEAWAY HEAVEN - Volume 1 This CD is for those who love the great Teen Sound as well as the Group Sound. HIDEAWAY HEAVEN - Volume 2 Second in a series of ultra rare teen & group sound masterpieces. HIDEAWAY HEAVEN - Volume 3 Third in a series of ultra rare teen & group sound masterpieces. HIDEAWAY HEAVEN - Volume 4 Another 34 genuine teen and group sound tracks.

Includes 'My Girl Josephine', 'Singing the Blues', 'Five Miles From Home' and many others. RUSTY LANE - Mystical Memories Mystical memories with Rust Lane....tracks with the Mystics, as the Ray Vons, as Magic, and as the Hub Caps. DICKEY LEE'S Greatest Hits Dickey Lee's greatest hits all on one cd!Includes 'Honey Babe' by Art Mooney, 'Like I Do' by Nancy Sinatra and so many many more. DISCOVERED - Volume 6 Look at what has been discovered.....volume 6 of a series.Includes 'Hideaway' by the Four Esquires, 'Chapel Bells' by the Magics and so many many more. DISCOVERED - Volume 7 25 various artist tracks in this fine series of Doowop / Teen and R&R.Includes two previously unreleased tracks along with all the ones you love! Barbara Chandler Meets Babs Tino You pick the best one - Barbara Chandler or Babs Tino! KENNY CHANDLER - Everyone Loves Saturday Night Kenny Chandler was touted as the next 'Dion' for Laurie Records...are many tracks, most on CD for first time. JIMMY CHARLES - A Million To One A million to one that you'll like this one! IKE CLANTON Meets BUZZ CLIFFORD 30 tracks featuring Ike Clanton and Buzz Clifford. KIMBALL COBURN Kimball Coburn, from the Rivermont Records label and with the Six O'Click Boys! DOROTHY COLLINS - Baby Can Rock From Dorothy Collins, the coral sessions plus some bonus tracks. 31 tracks CAROL CONNORS 1960-65 Annette Bard aka Carol Connors, was one of the Teddybears with Phil Spector. JOHNNY CRAWFORD - Best of The best of Johnny Crawford includes all the songs you remember & then some! BOB CREWE - Teen Idol Thirty great tracks from your favorite teen idol - Bob Crewe!12 previously unreleased and 90% are on CD for the first time! CLAUDINE CLARK - The Best of 1958-1969 Everything you wanted to hear by Philadelphia's multi-talented and mysterious Claudine Clark including some alternate takes, pseudonymous recordings, great previously unissued tracks and a northern soul rarity. MIKE CLIFFORD - The Singles Collection Mike Clifford's singles collection includes 33 great tracks! She was under contract on many labels, under many names, with various groups. 30 tracks BOB CREWE - Silhouettes - The Warwick Years Bob Crewe recorded for Warwick Records....they are! KENNY DINO - Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night Your Ma said you cried in your sleep last night because you still didnt have this CD to listen to! DISCOVERED - Volume 1 Look at what has been discovered.....volume 1 of a series.

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