Blackberry pin dating site in nigeria Videosex chatrooms

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Blackberry pin dating site in nigeria

The use of Blackberry phones as a tool for prostitution and other licentious activities is another negative development that has become a reality in Nigeria today.A Lagos-based female National Youth Service Corps member, who pleaded anonymity recalled how some of her friends fraternised with the so-called big men just to acquire Blackberry phones.Now he even wakes up at night to chat with friends as his BB beeps all night. Mutiu Adeyemi, a banker told said he and his colleagues now rely on the BB to perform their daily tasks.He said his bank encouraged employees to buy the phone through a special in-house scheme “in order for us to be more efficient as we are able to work as if we are in the office for it helps to attend to assignments more quickly and easily.” This, of course, means they have to continue working even at home at odd hours.

It's addiction could be worse than drug addiction, AABlog gathered.

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The movie, which runs part 1 and part 2, is a hilarious exposition of the Nigerian reality and growing BB addiction.

It is the story of a group of university friends, all female, whose social and private lives are centred on the supposedly fascinating world of BB phones.

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