Bam dating

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Bam dating

"I'm innocent," she told the Margera was often seen with his fiancée, Jenn Rivell.But they never got married—they split up in 2005, and a year later Margera filed a restraining order against her after she allegedly broke into his house.Unfortunately for Bam, the Icelandic rap group Glacier Mafia was nearby and noticed the scuffle; the rappers intervened and gave Margera such a beatdown that he was knocked out. Bam had partied hard for years, and his mother felt it grew problematic after the death of Ryan Dunn.

A woman named Elizabeth Ray, who lives on the same street where the Note was located, went down to the club one night to complain about the noise.She claims Margera was not only dismissive of her complaints, but hostile—he admitted that he called Ray things like "idiot" and "crazy b****." Ray, a 59-year-old African-American woman, also says that during the encounter, Margera called her the n-word.So that's when Ray went home, grabbed a baseball bat, found Margera at the Note once more, and allegedly struck him in the head with it.That's definitely been the case for the Something of a joke band, which Margera essentially created as an outlet for "getting drunk and recording songs on my tape recorder," Gnarkill released two albums before splitting up.That gave way to another facetious band with the unprintable name of F—face Unstoppable.

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