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For any record creation and update rule to apply to a matching incoming activity, after you add the rule items, you must activate the rule.When a record creation and update rule is activated, a corresponding workflow is created automatically.This attribute stores the JSON payload received from an external application.To capture this information in Dynamics 365, you can define channel properties and associate them with a particular rule or share them across multiple rules of the same source type.More information: Configure workflow steps In a record creation and update rule, when you specify a queue for a source type, any incoming activity from that source is added as a queue item for that specified queue.That is, if a rule for a particular source activity and queue combination is active, the rule processes the incoming activity on that queue to create or update records.

For example, you could create a lead, opportunity (system record), or incident (custom record) from an incoming email.To learn more about creating channel property groups and adding properties to them, see Set up channel properties later in this topic.If the source type for the rule is set to Email, specify the conditions for converting the email to the target record.Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.x Every organization has multiple applications to capture customer interactions.The ability to channel external data into Dynamics 365 records can significantly improve the efficiency of your sales, marketing, and service teams, and increase the quality of your data.

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You can also capture additional valuable customer information provided by an external application in the form of JSON (a collection of name-value pairs), and use it to enhance the quality of the target records and set various conditions in the record creation and update rules.

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