Amy smart dating jason statham how long has jensen ackles been dating danneel harris

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Amy smart dating jason statham

And who better to star in a movie that feels like a video game, than an actor who looks like he just stepped out of one; Jason Statham.His shaved head, tough British guy image seems perfectly suited for one of today's ultra-violent video games and equally suits this movie. The movie jumps right into the story, not even wasting time with opening credits.Although I'm normally not a fan of too many quick cuts and overly clever camera work this stylish but intrusive direction perfectly suits this movie.Somewhere between the high octane Transporter movies and amphetamine-explosion of Crank, Jason Statham transformed into The Stath: an unashamedly irony-free, quip-happy, stunt-berserk superhero to cheer on as he scissor-kicks baddies’ noses into their frontal lobes - old school action’s last man standing.That means he has to continually either scare, stress, or stimulate himself to stay alive.And so he becomes a one man wrecking crew across Los Angeles as he searches for Verona.The camera work and editing are as frenetic as any I have ever witnessed.

There’s a bloody good reason why he didn’t bag gold though…

Crank is the most original action movie I have seen in a long time. The scene where Chev picks up his girlfriend and takes her out while thugs are trying to kill her is hilarious.

It should not have been, when you consider that it steals the set up from Dennis Quaid's D. As is the scene where he escapes from the hospital in a dressing gown while sporting an erection.

In the September 8, 2006 issue of Entertainment Weekly, Statham is quoted as saying he did this movie because, “I wanted something undiluted and hard..” Crank has blood, swearing, severed body parts, crude jokes and nude scenes.

Ain't nothing diluted here, but the charm of Crank is not it's rating.

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