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When I write, I try not to worry about each word, or even each sentence or paragraph. I rewrite each sentence, each manuscript, many times. I look forward to their suggestions, their help in the almost endless rewrite process.

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He's always dreaming.' 'Leave him alone,' the principal answered.

Despite the longevity of Leonard Kesslers Kick, Pass, and Run (1966, 1996), football-themed books for beginning readers are surprisingly hard to find. GEORGE WASHINGTON: AN ILLUSTRATED BIOGRAPHY (Holiday House, 288 pages, September, 2004), an in depth study of our first president Loaded with original source material for young readers including, on pages 74-75, excerpts from Washington's writings showing his changing attitude toward slavery over a thirty year period, added excerpts from period newspapers, and about 170 period illustrations. Box 121, Hewlett, NY 11557 Please, send fan mail and all other correspondence to David Adler, P. When I decide on a subject, I discuss it with my editor and she decides if she thinks it will be interesting to children as well. And, of course, I go to books other biographies and other materials. Well, what I try to do is teach as much about the subject through incidents rather than through a listing of facts. When he reads something and doesn't like what he read he asks himself, "Why didn't I like it? Was it really a gun -- or a noisy cover for a crime? Marrin's George Washington and the Founding of a Nation (2001) features more rousing accounts of battles, but this offers clear views of Washington's public and private lives as well as sharp insights into his character and his times.

For my books of nonfiction I write about subjects I find interesting.

The recent biographies I've written are about Benjamin Franklin, Janusz Korczak, Dwight David Eisenhower, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Lou Gehrig, Joe Louis, Lewis and Clark, Martin Luther King, Jr.,and George Washington Carver.

But I know I did dream through much of my early school years and I did become a writer. Cam Jansen is based on an elementary school classmate whom we all envied because we thought he had a photographic memory.

Dreamers become writers, and, for me, being a published writer is a dream come true. Andy Russell is based on a beloved member of my family.

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I just wrote the first one and sent it to a publisher and they said they wanted to do a whole series. I have been a huge fan of Davids books for many years, and I was thrilled at the opportunity to chat with him about Dont Talk To Me About The War.