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The pattern for mutations in genes on the redundant chromosomes is: To replace the original gene there would need to be a world wide catastrophe killing all that have one copy and two copies the original gene. God's womb | | | | | | Eve made by: | | | | | | |---|---|---|---|---|---| 1.This would have to happen for each mutation, maybe up to three mutations per catastrophe, per species. dust/ground ---- | x | | x | x | x | x | |---|---|---|---|---|---| 2.Then after the first male is grown, a sample (rib) of his DNA is rearranged through meiosis hormones, into the configuration of a females.This improvement is the removal of the Hereditary disease causing genes.In species like us with 94 percent of our genes redundant, one set of the genes on chromosomes one through twenty two come from the mother and the other set come from the father.Some mutations in us are called hereditary disease causing genes. And as light travels from far away occasionally it passes close to charged particles, gives up a little energy to them and in doing so Red Shifts a little each time.# Genesis -27 2:7,21-22 was talking about DNA and it was scientifically correct. That is what my 100 or so bible web pages are about. All of them together is my evidence how we were created, "What" God is, and how God does things at the Second Coming of Jesus.

5b, so all the redundant chromosomes, 1 through 22, have the changes at the same location on the chromosome.Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes and other great apes have 24 pairs of chromosomes.In the human evolutionary lineage, two ancestral ape chromosomes fused at their telomeres producing human chromosome 2.I do not think that there is a natural way through evolution that the flipping of a large section of chromosome 5 in man compared to chimpanzees could happen naturally.And I think I remember a science article saying there are critical heart genes on chromosome 5, needed for the baby to develop and survive.

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Whereas in step 1 only one segment of DNA, one gene or a few genes, is added to 1 chromosome, X and Y excluded, in the creation of man all the genetic changes were done at the same time.