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Accurate dating scans conception date

I usually split the difference and say the 22nd, but with my last 2 bubs, they were both post dates (my youngest being induced at 41wk 3) so Im tipping I could go into October!

I got told by my OB that scans done from about 10 wks onwards will give you an accurate due date, but yeah, 10 days either side of that is pretty much the norm.

Without inductions may women would even go 43-44weeks pregnant.

DS1 arrived 2 weeks past his EDD (which was assesed as best as I could recall my LNMP) and he was in much better condition than her; DS2 was 10 days past EDD and also looked fine.

This time around I have a fairly good idea of when I conceived, that date, plus my LNMP, plus a 8 week scan all put my EDD within about 5 days - I think it will be really interesting to see when bub comes & how she is when gets here!

Probably my DD (Baby no.1) was the most inaccurate...

an 8 week scan put my EDD at 1st March, but from about 22-24 weeks she measured 2 weeks further along (also not very accurate I know) - She arrived on 3rd March very close to her EDD but she was brown, wrinkled and peeling, she had the longest nails & all the mids commented on how 'over-cooked' she was!

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I think I just got a dodgy sonographer the first time around LOL!

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