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Description: Hey everyone, not really sure what to put here but here goes nothing.I am Carrie and I need some money quick and so I am setting this room up to...I don't know answer questions, do stuff, I am not sure very new at this.

Make up a random screen name and right out a Question, a comment or a suggestion for Carrie to do.

She was on the thin side with a dramatic curve to her waist. She at the time was tempted to put on something more revealing but she lost her nerve and put on something more conservative.

Carrie has 34C cups that were mostly covered up by her dress. She sat at her desk as she looks down on her screen seeing the video begins to play.

Carrie is now in college, however short on money she needs to make money quick.

So against her better judgement she as made a account on a web camming site where who knows who can log in and watch her. Hey I am very new to this site, so this is sort of my first attempt.

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This site was a free site to make a account on, those the people actually doing the web camming could set a entry fee so people had to pay to come and see them, and had a pratreon like system that they can pay while the web cam is happening. However it is just throwing the right bait to get viewers.